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We are the tow company with high quality equipment such as flatbed, wheel lifts and medium duty, boxes, cars, motorcycle lifts and rv's.

We have a large fleet that make it possible for us to get to the customer fast. Our 24-hour emergency dispatcher - We deliver the best tow trucks to our clients and their vehicles because your safety is #1 on our minds.

Top Three Tips For Road Safety And Prevent Accidents

Nowadays, road safety is the major concern for everybody because of booming automotive industries. And current road traffic death ratio of Canada is 5.86 per 100,000. Here in Edmonton, Alberta, as a towing service provider, we would like to share some helpful roadside safety tips so that accidents and roadside breakdowns can be avoided.

  • Plan your journey: Whenever you need to go somewhere, it is important to plan your journey and route. Most of accidents can be ignored by planning your journey or routes. Schedule each and everything. When you will reach and when you will move back. And also plan the time of taking rests. Most of accidents happen due to night or tired drivers. Before going to anywhere or long drives ensure that you have had sufficient rest. Do not plan your journey if you are feeling these conditions:

    1. Heavy head
    2. Tingling eyes
    3. Repeated yawning
    4. Frequent position changes
    5. Difficulties in keeping a steady trajectory

    Take a short sleep during the journey. 15-minute short sleeps restore your mental alertness and can save your life.

  • Listen to Your Body: Whenever you plan to drive, we recommend check yourself physically. If you’re felling achy or tight muscles, do not drive. If you’re on drive, stop driving, do some physical exercises. Walk around for 10 minutes, stretch your muscles and take deep breaths, Drivers often suffer from sore arms, back, shoulders and legs. Physical exercises break increase blood flow and alertness in our body.
  • Try to adapt your way of driving: If you’re perfect in driving, you will automatically adapt the way of driving according to weather, road condition and traffic. If you are beginner than you need to learn about how to adapt. In many cases, drivers do not adapt their way of driving, and got accidents. Here are few tips for beginners.
    1. In case of poor visibility, rain, snowfall: Move slowly, keep distance between vehicles and turn on your dipped beam lights
    2. If you need to have your tire change or got a vehicle break down:If you have a spare wheel and able to change your tire, park your vehicle at the safe place, turn your hazard lights on. Avoid parking on a bend or blind spots.

    Put safety triangles behind your vehicle, and if you’re not able to do that call the neares towing company and stay in your car until the tow truck arrives. If you are visiting with family, make sure they remain in the vehicle also.

A fence at the top of a cliff is better than a hospital at the bottom

Bonus Tip: Keep your vehicle maintained with regular services, so the likeliness of breaking down can be limited.

If you need car towing or truck towing in the Edmonton and its surrounding areas we are here to help. Just call us at 780-490-6711

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