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One Call Towing - 780 490 6711

We are the tow company with high quality equipment such as flatbed, wheel lifts and medium duty, boxes, cars, motorcycle lifts and rv's.

We have a large fleet that make it possible for us to get to the customer fast. Our 24-hour emergency dispatcher - We deliver the best tow trucks to our clients and their vehicles because your safety is #1 on our minds.

Safety Tips While Waiting For A Tow Truck

We all know that a vehicle breakdown is one of the most stressful inconveniences that can ruin our day. That’s why we ever do some measurements before going on a long drive like fuel check up and air pressure check up. That’s good idea if you do some measures before going to a trip. Your five to ten minutes on these measurements can prevent the big risks.

When you stuck on the middle of the way, it is normal thing that you will get some stress and worries about you, your car and off course your family. You will start focusing on get your family at the safe place, then your car. You should consider you and your family’s safety first. Alberta Safe Towing Ltd recommends keeping a reliable towing company’s number in your contact list. The towing companies not help you only in towing your vehicle; some of them also provide you on site mechanical services. If you already called the nearest towing company while stuck on the side of road, here are some tips that help you in safety of your vehicle and your family.

  • Find a safe location: If you are able to pull your car, pull it off the road so that road accidents can be avoided. Put your hazard lights on, so that others drivers can see you and avoid hitting your car. If you are at unknown place, it is best idea to wait inside the car until help arrives.
  • Remain aware of surroundings: While pulling your car on the side of road, you should look out the place carefully, there may be some hazards. In some areas of US and Canada, there is wildlife near to the road. We recommend to not to leave and stay inside the car.
  • Provide Exact and Full Details: When you call the towing company that near to you, provide them your exact details like how many members you are, your vehicle type, your location. Use your phone’s GPS to get your location. It will easy for a towing company to find you quickly.

By using these tips, you can reduce your 50% of stress and feel safe. And after the tow truck arrival, you will feel 100% relaxation. Nowadays, some of towing companies such as Alberta Safe Towing Ltd provides 24/7 towing and emergency roadside services. You just need to call them and get rid of vehicle breakdown.

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