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We are the tow company with high quality equipment such as flatbed, wheel lifts and medium duty, boxes, cars, motorcycle lifts and rv's.

We have a large fleet that make it possible for us to get to the customer fast. Our 24-hour emergency dispatcher - We deliver the best tow trucks to our clients and their vehicles because your safety is #1 on our minds.

Caravan Towing Tips – Making Towing Easier

You have ever seen that caravan is being towed with cars. But you cannot imagine. It is not an easy task to tow a caravan. It needs a special experience and knowledge. Towing a four wheel is easier than towing a caravan. As a reliable towing company serving Edmonton, we are going to share some useful tips that help you in making your caravan towing experience hassle free.

  • Make sure tow vehicle and caravan coupled correctly. Before starting a journey with caravan it is very important to ensure couple caravan and tow vehicle correctly. So that both vehicles remain inline all times and maintaining a parallel level to the ground.
  • Don’t drive fast – it is one of the major and most important tips of caravan towing. Whenever you need to tow a caravan, be relaxed and keep calm. Don’t drive fast and 50-60 KM/Hour is considered a safe and full efficient speed.
  • Adapt your driving towards the road conditions, weather and traffic. If you’re going to tow a caravan, it is important to adapt your driving skills according to road conditions, traffic and weather. You can prevent many major accidents by doing this.
  • Before going to tow a caravan, it is important to know your vehicle’s condition. Take this quick steps, check your tire pressure, fuel gauge, breaks and battery condition, also consider the spare wheel. Keeping your vehicle maintained and serviced on regular basis can prevent the risks of breakdown.
  • When over taking other vehicles, always remember there is a caravan coupled with your car. You need more distance, you will need more speed to overtake other vehicle and you will need to spend more time on a wrong side because you have a large Caravan attached with your vehicle.
  • Make sure you are not using a light weight car while towing caravan. Caravan and tow vehicle should have same weight. If your vehicle lighter than caravan, there may be higher chances of damage. So make sure weight is distributed between both vehicles.

So these are some useful tips that help you in making caravan towing easier. We wish you to enjoy a stress-free road trip. Use these tips to enjoy your weekend. Don’t forget to share it with your friend.

In case of roadside emergencies in Edmonton and surrounding cities, call us. We will happy to help you.

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