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One Call Towing - 780 490 6711

We are the tow company with high quality equipment such as flatbed, wheel lifts and medium duty, boxes, cars, motorcycle lifts and rv's.

We have a large fleet that make it possible for us to get to the customer fast. Our 24-hour emergency dispatcher - We deliver the best tow trucks to our clients and their vehicles because your safety is #1 on our minds.

Towing Companies – Serving Around The Clock In Edmonton

No one wants to get involved into a vehicle breakdown or road accident. These kinds of problems can happen without any prior warning and signs. And can ruin your day especially when you need something urgent to be done and have to be somewhere. In these situations, you just need an expert who can understand the value of your time and provide you quick solution to continue your journey. These types of services the towing companies such as Alberta Safe Towing Ltd provide in Edmonton. No matter if it is a middle of the night or a weekend, towing companies offer 24/7 roadside assistance and services.

Towing companies such as Alberta Safe Towing Ltd provide complete towing and roadside assistance solution with affordability and professionalism in Edmonton. The 24/7 towing services of towing companies ensure you that you have not wait longer for emergency help while being stranded of the side of road. With towing companies, help is just a phone away. When you call the towing companies, their customer will assist you with knowing your information such as your name, location and what type of service required. After that they will call the tow truck driver (near you) dispatch to your location. The tow truck visits you and assists you with the best of their abilities.

If you are connected with your company, we recommend ensuring yourself if they are operational twenty four hours in a day. If they are not serving 24/7, then there is no benefit of being affiliated to them because vehicle breakdown can happen any time of the day. If you affiliate to them, it can be resulted in cars being stuck by the side of road and drivers seek lifts from unknown people or frantic calls to friends and families. So It is the best to connect with a company that provides 24/7 services.

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