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Basic Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Have you thought that you might get a vehicle breakdown, if you don’t maintain your vehicle properly? Well, we know we have less time to visit auto shop to maintain our cars and other vehicles, but we cannot ignore the maintenance. Alberta Safe Towing LTD – a most reliable towing company in Edmonton, is sharing some basic tips through this post that help you in extending your vehicle or your car’s life.

It was easier to maintain the cars of 1960s, 70s and 80s because those were incorporated with less and heavy material. Nowadays, car maintenance is more complex and complicated because these are incorporated with computer electronics, silicon chips and sophisticated engines. Our car maintenance tips also help in maintaining these types of vehicles. Let’s start with some regular checkups.

Regular Checkups

Our basic car maintenance tips start with some regular exam. We should examine each thing once in a week to prevent some serious breakdowns.

  • Check your tyres to make sure that these are fully inflated. You can check the tyre pressure with pressure gauge to get the exact tyre pressure.
  • Check your fuel gauge on regular basis to make sure you have sufficient the fuel till end the destination.
  • Keep your eyes on engine or fluid warning lights.
  • Check your vehicle’s underneath. It makes you sure about leakage in vehicle.
  • Check your bumper and body damages for insurance purpose.
  • Check your battery condition, the battery condition can only examined through power on the lights and blow the horn. If your lights get dim when you blow the horn, then you should replace or recharge the battery. If the lights remain same. You can go with this battery.
  • Make sure you have a spare wheel inside your car.

So these are some regular checkups that help you in maintain your vehicle and keep you on journey. Thanks for taking time to read this. Don’t forget about sharing it with your friends. If a vehicle breakdown occurs with you in Edmonton and its surrounding area, just call us. We will be there with in 15 to 20 minute.

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