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24/7 LOW COST TOWING Edmonton

One Call Towing - 780 490 6711

Looking for a fast and reliable towing company in Edmonton? We are one of the best towing companies in Edmonton providing best towing services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Top-rated Edmonton tow truck company with high quality equipment such as flatbed, wheel lifts etc. for your vehicle's safety.

Our large fleet makes it possible for us to get to our customers faster. With our 24-hour emergency dispatch, we deliver the best towing experience to our clients and their vehicles. Call us for quick, cheap tow in Edmonton and area.

Buy Junk Cars

Do the junk car(s) in your yard limit space for your kids to play? Or maybe you want to empty the yard to give space for some leisure activities like frying the barbecue. Or maybe you already want to but don’t know where to dump the junk cars. Well, we have some exciting news. You can now make money from selling us your scrap cars. That’s right. We now buy junk cars. Aside from the towing, roadside assistance and car lookout that we have been best known for, we have now extended our facilities to accommodate scrap car removal services. Plus, we don’t just buy, you will find our charges the most competitive not just in South Edmonton but anywhere. Isn’t that great? Getting huge money for a vehicle you are not using? Besides, we have made the process easier and more convenient for you, the seller. The process is much simpler than it has ever been. Here’s how it works:

  • You call and give us directions.
  • We meet you there at the earliest time possible (usually within 24 hours), and you show us the junk car and a few documents (license and copy of registration) only.
  • We agree on the value of the junk car.
  • Watch us hook it up and tow it.

Now enjoy an expansive yard while smiling in your pockets. As I said, there hasn’t been an easier and more convenient process.

Scared of paperwork?We also hate paperwork. But it’s nothing to be scared of. It’s only for legal reasons that we do it, if it were up to us, you wouldn’t have to. I mean, the car is yours, right? What other reasons could there be? Anyways, the documentations are only for proof of ownership, that’s all. Now, in some cases, you may have a vehicle that you have no idea how it got to your yard. Obviously, you don’t have documents to show for it, neither has the titleholder appeared to recollect it. But you still want an open yard. Well, in that case, we will still come for it, but a slight delay of payment may occur as a result of some necessary legal steps from the same. We only do this to ensure legal recycling.

We ensure best value for your junk car. The value of the car may depend on its age, size, condition and sometimes model. That’s why we both need to be at the location to discuss the matter adequately. Be assured that the more salvageable the parts of your junk, the better for your wallet, but we can promise you, no matter how rusty your scrap vehicle is, you will get be the best value, plus, it’s better gone anyways.

Why us? I know you are thinking, what makes us better from the rest?

  • First, as I put at the beginning of this piece, our prices are much competitive.
  • Second, we do the towing free of charge.
  • Third, we do it quicker than everybody else; you won’t even realize.
  • Fourth, we have an excellent team with impeccable customer service skills, and we do it for the environment.

So, call us now and make the most of your junk car.

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